The Great Sphinx at Giza

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The Great Sphinx at Giza


Riddle of the Sphinx, designated

Affirmation of the Old Kingdom, Odd World

Swims in the sand, divinity on its own

A burial place of Pharaohs… No love



Horus of the Horizon lies against the Pyramid of Khafra

Oh Khafra! Innovator of Modern Egypt

The Dream Stele of Thutmose IV, Harmachis

Healing place of the corrupt kings


The symbol of Egyptology! Oh Khafra!

The Great Sphinx and the Pyramid

The Knowledge of Khafra and the Face of God



The face that changes as the age of man increases

Mystical creature of limestone, a statue

The oldest known monumental sculpture

How wise Old Kingdom! Oh Khafra!


Largest monolith statue in the world

Oh Giza!

Anubis! With the missing nose and beard

God re-moulds his face! Oh Khafra!

Thrills and charms us as we look upon it


“The head of Colossus, caused to be made by Isis, daughter of Inachus, then so beloved Jupiter”

A roman statue, a pinched face

The Sphinx! The Terrifying One

Oh Khafra! Oh Giza! Oh Egypt!





The Great Sphinx at Giza


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Food for thought but I’m still thinking anorexic

I just thought I should write this because I’ve been lazy for a while

My mind is at its weakest I hope you get this



I’m on a mission to shift my culture

Little changes but not changing the “me” I was before

Frustrated from being frustrated

That’s just my thinking nothing compared to the real “me”



It’s high time I started something

I’m somewhere between psychotic and iconic

My mates look up to me like I got it

I’m not matured it’s just my thinking



It’s funny when those that call you regularly don’t call you anymore

It’s funny that  those who thought of you high don’t think about you anymore

Everything has changed now




No offense to my old folks but they assume a lot

I love them a lot and thank them for all I’ve got

I hope this piece doesn’t bring up the wrong thoughts

I hope not



It’s best to be quiet and just watch

Witness the changes in your life and what not

Not even talking to the guardians, communication is breaking

I hope not on some personal niche, maybe they don’t understand me



Some people I believe in don’t even show their faces anymore

A friend of mine doesn’t want to talk to me anymore

I hope to break it off someday

I just wonder… What can I say?



I miss my Old folks

Somewhere between I’m sober and I’m lifted

Listening to The Furthest Thing by Drake

And I’m still far away from perfect

So are they too



I promise to break everybody off before I break down

I’m so much happier now

Things have never been better

Nevertheless I remain Bipolar



Nothing Was The Same

Green Ghetto

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Green Ghetto


It was more like a Ghost Town
Unfortunately, overpopulated, caused me a little
Shambles, scrambles, Helter-Skelter, looking for
Pitched under rusty zinc, it could get no better
And within the abject poverty, stood an erected
The Crucified was missing, that in a Ghost Town,
another loss
To the West of the Cross, the poverty chain looked
Oiled and in shape
To the North of it, they all looked to the skies and
And its South, people in white and no shoes,
prayed for His come
The East-the only good thing, no surprises, was
where I headed from
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, the Old English
says “Yay!”
In that chain, flowers were red, blossomed the
Children running, plays in the sand, no clothes on,
Garden of Eden
In the 21st century, no forbade fruit, but Ill-Ridden
I couldn’t shed a tear, for fear of adding to their
It looked not to upset them, they all smiled, no
Cars sped overhead, below, one cupped his ear for
the other to be heard
Each image I saw, a lot of thought swam in and
out of my head
Tall grasses, uncultivated land, impossible for
wealth to ambush
I weep at the moment, the top of the pen, I had to

Faked smiles and high friends

I find no Silver Lining




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My Voice

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Thoughts fighting inside my head


More fury than monsters

A ghost to myself

I come from a distant land

Far away but still close to my heart

Out of my mind

I am “me, him and another”

Stay with myselfs

Like the honey and the bee

The green and the grass

Dementia failures

With a silenced song on my lips

I saw my voice

Like Jonah

Swallowed by a whale

I speak but don’t speak out

I am myself but not in myself

I think but don’t reason it


I am not who I am



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Walking in to the kitchen

With no other thoughts

The thirst for liquid quenches

How better still to it?


The Eucharistic cup

Quenches the thirst merely by the sight of it

A bowl-shaped drinking vessel

Not a beauty ascertained

Can a cupel be matched?


The object of any prolonged endeavour

A container for holding liquid

Typically with a handle

A measure of capacity


A drinking glass with a foot and a stem

With a base

A grail (Legend)

That shines in the light


A cup of unknown origin

A receptacle forming part of a liquidizer

Sangraal (Legend)

A chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper


With visions of this, there is thirst no more






@Haiiiver –

I’ve always felt this great need to write something on love. Being that I’m not emotional, I was at loggerheads trying to bring myself to write this.

Thanks to my friend I was able to gather amateur knowledge on her own perspective on love.

I asked my myself this questions. And even though it’s easy to google them, I wanted a true answer.

N.B: Amor – Spanish word for Love. The experiences of others made up this poem. Love is not my thing




What is love?

How does it all start?

How does it grow

Do you dissolve in love?

Why do people believe in love?

Why is it necessary

Does it matter?



Love is complicated
It hits you without noticing
It is like placing diamonds in a Pharaohs hand knowing that he’s happy

It starts by liking someone
It is the masking of pure and primeval of beautiful signs
It is watching the sun rise as await the suite warmth that follows after

It catches you unaware
Makes you believe the sounds of awkward music, mythic language and far-off songs
Makes your feet numb and body weary

To some others it makes them childish
Like fighting over the last piece of nugget in a chinese restaurant
And makes you dissolve in it
But most importantly it depends on the person – sedan

Because when you’re in love, you’re at peace like nothing else matters
Education becomes a barrier
It feels like your heart is going to explode out of your chest

It is a necessity
It makes you feel connected
It says “Sun a-shine, Rain a-fall”
It is a proffer of affection

But most importantly, LOVE MATTERS

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